We offer to modify, repair or maintain your motorcycle, regardless of brand. Our mechanical department is very modern. All seven (7) working tables are embedded in the floor, and much safer. At any time we offer 20% off on installation of tires.

We have a huge inventory of parts and chrome accessories, so you can decide at the last minute to put chrome on your motorcycle. We can order a part for you and get it within 1 or 2 days, quick and easy.


Parts and accessories for your bike, this is not what is missing here. Just stop to see! A special part you’ve seen on the web, or have no idea where you might find you are not familiar with online shopping; contact our experienced parts department staff, they will know how to advise you and help you in your search.


Bring us your part or a photo for price evaluation. We have an agreement with our supplier, so you do not pay shipping. Possibility of chrome, black or conventional.


We store your bike in a safe and heated place.
Storage includes:

  • Remove and charge the battery.
  • Check lights and tires.
  • Check the oil level.
  • Washing the motorcycle.

The more work done on your bike during storage, you can get a discount on the cost of storage. You can plan mechanical work in the winter and have peace of mind in the summer.


It is important to have experienced people to advise you in customizing your bike. At Denray’s, we take the time with you to see what you would like. We offer you a range of products to suit your tastes and your budget.


For a claim or insurance valuation, contact us.
We will repair your vehicle regardless of the brand.


We rent Denray trailers. Whether for one day or one week, it’s your choice The trailer hitch and wiring are not included in the rent. Contact us for prices and availability.


We offer this service at an hourly rate. Our experienced technicians will make your jewelry shine! At your next appointment mechanics, ask for a quote!