Do not exceed the weight limit suggested by the manufacturer (bike and trailer). Each Denray trailer hitch has a maximum load capacity of 50 pounds (on the ball). The weight on the tongue shall not exceed 10% of the weight of the trailer (including all that it contains).

No, under no circumstances will the hitch be a problem to replace the rear tire of your bike.

Yes, more than half of trailer hitches are shipped directly to clients who install the Denray trailer hitch on their own. We supply an installation diagram with your package.

Between 28 lb. and 32 lb. in the tires of all Denray trailers.

Development testing of Denray trailers has concluded that the length of the tongue allows exceptional stability of our motorcycle trailers on the road. It also allows pulling a cooler on the tongue instead of inside the trailer, giving you more room inside the trailer.

In Quebec, it is possible to drive a trike with only your drivers license. However, you must follow a one-day training provided by the SAAQ. Click here to go to the SAAQ website.

Absolutely, it is possible to try in a closed circuit or on the road, one of our three-wheeled models available in store. We recommend contacting our sales department to ensure the availability of a test vehicle.

With independent suspension of trikes as well as the fork angle changed, the behavior is very smooth and stable. . It is important to be able to test drive a trike before making a final choice on the model to buy.

Yes, it is possible to have an appointment for the installation of your trailer hitch and at the same time perform various mechanical works on your motorcycle.

Our mechanical department is served by three (3) experienced technicians. Question to plan the schedule, it is important to make an appointment for the mechanics of your bike.

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